The Awesome Inferno Lighter

lighter 2Some of the worst lighters can badly effect good cigar or cigarette. Butane can and does leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, and the same could be said for using matches. They can also give off a nasty sulfur smell that is not only unpleasant for you, but the people that you are smoking with. Thankfully, there is a lighter that not only solves this problem, but it also doubles as a chic fashion accessory. It’s called the Inferno Lighter.

This unique device was designed by engineers, and it comes with many cool attributes. The zinc alloy making up the exterior is extremely tough and durable. It is also very light, which is a lot more than what could be said for stainless steel ones. It’s great because it will not weigh your pocket down needlessly. The exterior also adds to the overall look. It’s even more so when you consider the cool flip top that protects the beam-emitting nodes.

The battery is also an extreme convenience. It has a very long life, and it charges very quickly. The USB technology involved makes that the Inferno Lighter can be charged anywhere where there is a computer nearby. This could be at a desktop at work or with a laptop while on the go. This comes with good environmental factors do. Liquid batteries can elements that are toxic when they end up in landfills.

However, the Inferno Lighter’s main selling point has to be the dual-beam technology. It looks like it came out of a science fiction movie! Essentially, the lighter has two beams that cross making a letter X. Beyond how cool it looks, it has a practical functionality. It’s windless, and it can remain lit even on bad weather days. That is simply something cheap butane and other flame lighters cannot do.

All these positive attributes make the Inferno Lighter a great buy for the price. Think of how much money people waste on constantly buying lighters. It’s one of the hidden costs of smoking or enjoying a good cigar. Even with a fancier stainless steel lighter, the owner still has to buy butane and refill it constantly. Here is a lighter that you only need to buy once. Once their power goes out, it gets plugged in. No refilling at all. This, plus the already mentioned convenience makes this a must-buy item if a person is looking for a high-end lighter.

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